We work hard to place our children in the best boarding schools of India and abroad.

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Our Vision

Our vision is to produce & calibrate a fabricated model of competitive young generation who are not only intellectually sound but also smartly developed & skilled to face and compete the ever-changing worldwide systems and processes.

In a nutshell....

We are pioneers at the global frontiers of preparing the students for worldwide International School Entrance Examinations. We amalgamate & re-unite the power of processed mentoring, in-depth development of students, preparing them for right strategy & problem-solving techniques and change management into authentic, accredited preparations & Training & Development.

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What makes Shori: The Prep School Authentic?

We are devoted to your personal growth, developing you as a refined and robust instrument for accepting the rapid change.

Shori: The Prep School
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We Focus On

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About Our Managing Director

Dr. Shikha Thakur

(Managing Director, Shori: The Prep School)

Dr. Thakur is the Managing Director of Shori, the Prep School (SPS) – A Plant Surgeon, women scientist and an evangelist, The Beau Monde Creations Group Venture. Dr. Thakur envisages Shori, The Prep School to further accelerate academic and visionary growth, leading to significant functional and operational verticals expansion and multiple credentials in the near future, both national, and multi-national across the geographical boundaries.

Dr. Thakur primarily focuses on visionary and performance across all aspects of the school. Her exquisite expertise lies in education management, growth and development, multi-disciplinary course of action and state-of-art strategies, leadership and governance.

Dr. Thakur plays an engrossive role of driving SPS strategic plan, which guarantees that the educational programmes and the quality of mentoring, teaching and learning, meet the needs and standards of the school community.

Dr. Thakur has a Doctorate degree (Phd) in Forest Pathology and Masters degree (MSc.) in Microbiology, from the prestigious Forest Research Institute ( FRI) from Dehradun, Uttarakhand and having 20 plus International and National Publications, published couple of books and chapters in Life sciences global journals.

Also, she is a meritorious and an international awardee of Loqman National and international Awards, 2019, supported by IEUDP and organised by Verve Global Solutions Pvt. Ltd. for excellent contribution for Research in Forest Pathology and Entrepreneurship.

Also, she has guided and fabricated their dissertation reports. Apart, from this, she has been an invited speaker and presenter at National, International conferences, seminars and workshops and is an active member of scientific societies including Indian Science Congress Association, Indian Phytopathological Society, Asian Council of Science Editors, The Society of African Journal Editors, Research Gate and SlideShare.

She is also currently serving as an active advisory, editorial board member for 14 plus and also a reviewer for about 25 plus International and National journals. She is also a certified diploma holder in ‘Nutrition’. Moreover, she has numerous records of achievement and active participation in the Emerging respiratory COVID-19 certification program, organised by World Health Organization (WHO).

Shori: The Prep School
            – We charge up for victory!!

Corporate Advisor

Ms. Naisha Gandhi

(Corporate Advisor, Shori: The Prep School)

Ms. Naisha Gandhi is the Corporate Advisor of Shori, The Prep School (SPS). A Multi-talented, vibrant, cosmopolitan and outstanding personality, who has rich experience in Management Consulting, Business Development, Interpersonal Affairs, New Business Development, Corporate Training, Counselling, Marketing, Consulting, Advisory and CSR in the domain of Education, Retail and Tourism.

The corporate expertise of Ms. Gandhi involves Business Development consultations in GUBBI Civil Engineers, Mumbai, Royal Consultants Pvt. Ltd. in Mumbai & Gulf, SG Enterprises, Mumbai and also Swasthya Ayurveda Dubai. Moreover, She had also served Leisure Retail concepts Pvt. Ltd. Mumbai (sister concern of Golden Star International LLC, Dubai, and also served as a marketing head in the same concern.

She had also served as a senior project consultant for GENYX Consultancy, Dubai, also served as a marketing manager for Management Development center Dubai in Welingkar Institute of Management.
She has also served as a Global Alliance Executive Mumbai on the key role of corporate Tie-ups and International Tie-ups of the International Program offered by the Temple University, Philadelphia, Northumbria University : Newcastle, Lancestar University.

Had also dealt in International Tie-ups with Universities in US, UK, Singapore, Australia for twining programs, student exchange and faculty exchange programs.

Prosperingly, also acted as Marketing Project head (Tourism) at Infrastructure Development Management International and had conceptualize the unique project “Place on Air”.

Progressively, She had served as a BDE for Shah Forged Rolls Pvt. Ltd. and Raymonds Steel Ltd.
She is ornated with calmity, perseverance and immense knowledge and learning skill-set which acts like a boon for young minds. We are elated and immensely blessed on taking her on-board for Shori – The Prep School

Shori: The Prep School
            – We charge up for victory!!

Ms Naisha Gandhi


Mr. Rajat Negi

(Subject Matter Expert, Shori: The Prep School)

Meet Mr. Rajat Negi, a distinguished mathematics specialist and seasoned educator, bringing over a decade of transformative teaching experience. Armed with a Bachelor’s degree in Science and a Master’s in Statistics, he stands at the forefront of academic excellence. Currently contributing his expertise at Shori: The Prep School (SPS), Mr. Negi is recognized for his dynamic and versatile teaching style. His calm demeanor, perseverance, and a comprehensive skill set make him a valuable asset in shaping the academic journey of young minds.Beyond the classroom, Mr. Negi has left an indelible mark on various institutions, employing an adaptive teaching approach based on the latest patterns and
syllabi. His teaching philosophy, marked by an easy and approachable style, fosters a conducive learning environment.In addition to his role as a mathematics specialist, Mr. Negi has successfully prepared students for a myriad of exams, including RIMC, Sainik School, ICSE, CBSE, IB, and other boards. His dual role as a data analyst adds a sophisticated layer
to his teaching profile, showcasing a blend of theoretical and practical knowledge. In the dynamic realm of education, Mr. Rajat Negi stands as a beacon of inspiration, translating dreams into tangible success and instilling a fervour for learning in each student he guides

Shori: The Prep School
            – We charge up for victory!!