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CBSE versus ICSE school board

CBSE Versus ICSE School Board: Which is a better choice to make for future?

CBSE Versus ICSE School Board

The two school educational boards which are followed in most of the schools in India are CBSE (Central Board of Secondary Education) and ICSE (Indian Certificate of Secondary Education). Every parent must make the difficult decision as to which board is the best fit for their children. Every parent’s decision must be considered on an individual basis, as each child is unique and learns at a different rate. Both the boards under consideration here are distinct from the others, and in them, the child will receive a different type of exposure. To connect their curriculum with contemporary learning requirements, all boards continue to revise their syllabuses and curriculum designs. But the decision regarding the choice of Board must be wise because the child’s early development will be impacted.

In India, many innovative and sophisticated education boards have gained popularity in recent years. These two boards i.e; CBSE versus ICSE school board, have been options that most parents have resorted to over the years.

    • General Information:

CBSE is regarded as one of India’s most renowned and most well-known educational boards. CBSE has achieved this since it is used to execute traditional teaching patterns in the majority of schools across the country. Candidates who want to pursue remote learning can apply for admissions and exams. After grade ten, CBSE offers a variety of scientific, commercial, and humanities disciplines to its pupils. Students can apply to a variety of universities for higher study after graduating from class 12. It is considered difficult as compared to State Boards. ICSE is a fantastic program that examines the fundamentals and principles of theories. The purpose of this Board is to undertake a basic education analysis through the English medium, in accordance with the recommendations of the New Education Policy 1986 (India). Applicants must study six subjects for the exam, with one to three papers per subject. This is made up of eight to eleven papers, most of which are centered on subjects. The ICSE tests identify the best five out of six subjects. English markings, on the other hand, are required and are completed thoroughly.
    • Approach and Focus:

CBSE has taken a more traditional approach, focusing more on knowledge acquisition, particularly in the subjects of math and science. Its curriculum is primarily focused on preparing students for Medical and Engineering admission exams, which has resulted in a decrease in the prominence of languages. Extracurricular activities are also not given much attention, and students are urged to focus on their schoolwork and exams. ICSE curriculum takes a more holistic approach, giving equal weight to all subjects, including Language, Mathematics, Humanities, and Sciences. Their approach is also a more comprehensive one, laying stress on the need for holistic growth rather than having a mere narrow focus on knowledge acquisition and exams.
    • Subjects:

CBSE provides students with pre-selected academic combinations organized into several streams. As a result, the topic combinations are limited to a single field, such as Science, Commerce, or Humanities. The fifth subject is the only area where there is some leeway. A student who chooses the Commerce stream, for example, must take Economics, Accounts, Business Studies, and English as mandatory subjects. For the fifth topic, he or she can choose from a variety of possibilities such as Physical Education, Informative Practices, Mathematics, and so on. The pattern of ICSE is quite similar to CBSE. The two additional subjects which are compulsory on this board are English and Some Useful Productive Work (SUPW).
    • Difficulty Level:

CBSE is the least complex board out of the other three boards, basically due to the fewer number of subjects and increased scope of scoring marks. Greater focus and emphasis on the application of knowledge, rather than the concepts, which are taught less in-depth on a comparative scale. ICSE is more complex and challenging compared to the CBSE board and offers higher-level concepts, especially English Core which happens to be more advanced on a comparative level. No single board CBSE versus ICSE school board is the best and there is no standard mark of evaluation to be assured that one particular board would generate the best possible results. The best choice for anyone is based on their suitability. One choosing the educational board should take all kinds of factors into consideration before making a final decision. The quality of education, financial affordability, future aspirations, and all such aspects should be analyzed well in advance.

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