How To Crack The Interview For Top Boarding School Of India?

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Among boarding schools which are well-known for providing world class education like The Doon School, Woodstock School Mussoorie, Welham Boys School, Welham Girls School and others, it is hard to get in. The entrance exams are unique and pose several challenges to any potential candidate. These institutions are not only popular in India, but they also attract students from other nations. Every year, a large number of students apply for admission to these schools.

Candidates must demonstrate their mental abilities in order to pass the admission exam, whereas students must demonstrate their interpersonal and communication skills in order to pass the personal interview. For admission to premier boarding institutions, the qualifying personal interview step is equally significant. Although mastering the art of the interview is difficult, it is a significant and crucial element of selecting kids for boarding school admission. Interviewing students can be defined as the process of limiting down alternatives after interviewing a large number of candidates. The personal interview allows students to demonstrate their abilities beyond the written application. The major goal of the interview is to assess the students’ communication abilities, attitudes, and confidence.


Tricks of the Trade:


  • It is critical to be self-assured during the interview.
  • You should be prepared for every hurdle that comes your way.
  • Preparing in advance is always a blessing in disguise.
  • By being smooth in addressing any difficult question, you have an increased possibility of leaving a positive impression.
  • Being over-confident or under-confident leads one into a big mess of increased complications.
  • Under-preparation leads to instant and ineffective responses.
  • It is easy to impress an interviewer with simple but outstanding answers to all the basic questions.

Do’s and Don’ts:

The Do’s:

  1. Answers to basic questions like “Why do you want to join this school”, “Introduce yourself”, “What do you want to be in your future”, “What extra-curricular activities are you into”, and other questions like this should be prepared by one in advance.
  2. Be confident and carry an air of positivity along.


  3. Have a well-defined character and a more skillful personality.


  4. The preparation strategy should be formulated well in advance.
  5. Be clear with the basics to avoid engaging into unnecessary dialogue.
  6. Both mind and speech clarity in answers is a must. If the interviewer is unable to understand you, he is bound to be left with a negative impression.
  7. Keep smiling. Stress will only lead to the development of under-confidence.

The Don’ts:

    1. The risk of going unprepared or under-prepared before any interviewer should be avoided at all costs.
    2. Don’t be too prompt with answers. Understand the question before answering.
    3. Don’t be impatient as only leads to an incomplete answer. Let the interviewer complete before you begin.
    4. Don’t forget to differentiate between important and less important questions. Answers should be given accordingly.
    5. Don’t give very lengthy answers to basic questions. The clarity and structure of the answer play a vital role.

You will not be asked questions from the literature if you are preparing for a boarding school interview. The questions are being asked in order to assess your personality. Almost any question about your personal profile can be answered in advance. Make sure you’re asking good questions. The more you practice, the more fluidity you’ll be able to achieve in your interview performance. 

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