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IGCSE Vs. IB Board


International General Certificate of Secondary Education

(IGCSE Board):

IGCSE stands for the International General Certificate of Secondary Education and is recognized worldwide. It is administered by the University of Cambridge International Examinations. It was created 30 years ago and is well-known for providing high quality and refined education to students. Because of its international recognition and standard that this board is ideal for the candidates who aspire to pursue higher education overseas.

It is completely international and adds more golden stars to a student’s profile than a mere international qualification. The variety of subjects offered, the vast number of approaches and academic facilities that a student is offered, makes the whole experience unique and helps explore new roads to success.

Top Facts:

  1. IGCSE admits students within the age group of 14-16 years
  2. The curriculum is thought to be quite challenging, enriched with assessments meant to examine a student’s total knowledge and application skills.
  3. A student’s oral and practical skills are developed through such a well-crafted curriculum.
  4. Focus is laid on developing and enriching a student’s knowledge, understanding, problem-solving skills, analytical skills, taking initiative and logical reasoning.
  5. Grades are awarded to students, ranging from A grade to G grade, where A is the highest and G is the lowest.
  6. Due acknowledgement is given along with rewards for a student’s positive achievements, which are based on one’s knowledge, understanding and application.
  7. The variety of syllabuses offer a coursework option as well. Special emphasis on English and technical subjects is laid.
  8. Students are prepared for Cambridge International AS & A Levels.
  9. Alongside this, students are aided in preparation for progression to employment or further study as well.
  10. IGCSE is recognized worldwide, further making it easy for the students to apply to foreign universities.
  11. It encourages students to learn via investigation and real-world connections, with inquiry as the core.

IB Board:

IB stands for International Baccalaureate and is an international board, well-known for providing world class education to students. It provides education to children within the age group of 3-19 years and several different programs, with varying age ranges. Students receive a standardized and well-structures global education from the board, which offers them a lifetime of practical learning experience. They also lay due emphasis on a child’s entire and complete growth through art, sports, personality development and communication skills.

Top Facts:

  1. The bifurcation of the offered programs, along with the eligible age groups is as follows:
  2. Primary Years Programme; Age Group: 3-12 years (First offered in 1997)
  3. Middle Years Programme; Age Group: 11-16 years (First offered in 1994)
  4. Diploma Programme; Age Group: 16-19 years (First offered in 1968)
  5. Career-related Programme; Age Group: 16-19 years (First offered in 2012)
  6. Each IB programme is implemented by experienced school administrators as well as teachers.
  7. The curriculum is a wholesome one and targets skills in the complete range of subjects that it offers.
  8. In these programmes, assessment criterias include scientific knowledge, scientific attitudes, communication, scientific inquiry, etc.
  9. The schools implementing IB are at the complete liberty to craft their curriculum.
  10. A mix of national and international educational viewpoints are blended together, along with the teacher’s imagination and approach while dealing with students.
  11. High prospects of overseas settlements arise for the students.
  12. Multiple intelligences are developed in a student because of the systematic and content-based approach which is followed in IB programmes.
  13. A highly personalized touch is added to the students’ education, adding wind beneath their wings.
  14. On an international level, entrepreneurs have shown interest in schools with IB programmes, adding these on the top of their preferred schools list.

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